The Order of the Death’s Head by Heinz Hohne


Superior in it’s concept and superb on it’s form, the book provides an informative composite in the sense and the disposition of that organization for readers of the SS facts. Comprehensive in depth and comprehensable by first hand disclosures the daily functions specifications and details, gave me a feeling of being there. Reading of the “Gestapa” Official Stamp being somehow mispelled, but so made use of on documents until it was found out that it remained as The “Gestapo”. It’s the best work I’ve read on the SS and one of a few good works on WWII as though a moment of my life in the past. It’s perhaps a standard for writing, few texts are readable without omitting the factual concerns or direct derrisions maintaining preconceptions survival by whatever means necessary.

This is without any preferential treatment of it’s subject, from 1932 of culture, heritage, history, traditions, and ceremonies, this peels away the official identity deflections that lost purpose during the War. But it’s not for those who like wondering or debating so other unknowns form the Public perspective (they were’nt so undiscriminating on Which Way to the Front). In that European political house cleaning, these matters are not off balance to view any more than some diversified purpose as a fact AND as “the fact”.

What’s missing? From my reading it during my 2nd tour, 3/1993 to 4/93 (I reread parts I’d read working out conditions and circumstances on it’s descriptions of the workings as I compared my summaries dependent on actual facts superimposed to the books blueprints), did you expect a roaming book club to and from the Mess?  I won’t go into any description in that, firstly, and because secondly it has a more favorable popular feeling in forms of understanding with regard of developements under small interpretations – belittling. As I belittle the socialist ursurpation attempts of West Germany’s official status, seen under no concern for hiding as East Germany’s Party by 1946 – elected democratically! This book covers the SS organization from it’s beginning to it’s end substansively. Without special concern for personalities.

“Give me 5 years and you won’t recognize Germany.”

I was going to Edit this months ago. I decided not to cook this month, so I was able to get around to it.   Not that I hate eating, it’s all the work to clean the mess. I need a maid, no, lots of maids. Safe to say I’ll order one from…? Germany? – efficiency? Suppose I can mail for one…., stamp? I have to get a stamp! Hmmm, hmmm….who said that!
EDITED 1/5th 2011


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