The Reagan Diaries (The Reagan Letters) by Ronald Wilson Reagan


The Reagan Letters

I have been looking forward to buying and reading this book/memoir for a very long time. I was waiting for a Dental Appointment to arrive and found it finally in a Borders Book Store I passed – I can’t pass book stores I’ve not visited to see what they have. And there was’nt a ghost of a chance too fantastic get me not to buy this major book of collected writings from a patriotic and wonderful man. Consistant and unwaveringly famous before the 1980’s as throughout himself so always right, and when elected an unperforming role model of character indivisable by the detractions at true Americans, our foundations, and establishments. To steal our identity by inclusion the Greatest Generation forged courageously to add on in  a still young and growing American culture as an independant history, heritage, and new traditions long before Valley Forge. Like them he had wisdom of experience to place in motion that many showed their regard for in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year institutionally. Conscientiously is the regard he impressed upon me.

The Reagan Letters EditorTwist 00 No7

Twist 00 No8The Reagan Letters Brooklyn-NYS


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