Aircraft Anatomy of WWII by Paul E. Eden and Soph Moeng


WWII Aircraft Evaluation and Assessment

During a wait for my dental appointment to begin I had to peek inside and saw  this “must have” book. Fantastic luck I have. In figuring specifics with which to endevour in Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, it says much more than some bodies safely assume and defining occurences after the “Big One” (It was WWII.?!). And we were drawn over into the affairs of post-feudal Europe, the Dark Continent, and the Yellow Race.  It’s Independence Day – HMmm, Hmmm, Hmm… “the Revolution not for export” came against the only one trying to draw cohorts against the Revolution for export. It was only one hundred some years that the builders of settlements in the wild found a life here with nothing to squander as travel over the ocean was’nt developed for any settlement.


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