The Complete Works of Robert Frost


I have been trying to build a personal library of some of the greatest works in literature since 1988. I got an order for the Franklin Mints Classic Books shipped to me – and sent it right back (After receiving the parcel package and having reviewed the contents, I returned it.) I had alot of books and all had 2 or 3 works by various authors per binding and those I was looking for were mostly omitted. I want one binding in leather, a fine fabric interior, gold trimmed quality paper, and the exact print and any translation without any editing or translators notes on what was done to the original after the draft or manuscript was published. America had qualities and values once – no deal, no compromises with cost and worth. So I sent them back where they came from without any preferential as on some reformed bodies of work past regardably to remark of.

In Minneapolis during 1996 I no longer stood to getting the library started, as cultivated a departure to achieve a private pilots rating. It occurred I did not have to be like everybody and I did not like having to be liked by everybody, so, instead of serving the interests of others telling me I needed an Engineering Degree to my electronics technicians certification. I decided I’d fix their engineering and fly it myself, socially. All the personnel cargo when I worked my way up to a commercial pilots license. These things do have electronics avionics, in the aeronautical, communications, and physics professions (not the careerists, and I mean microwaves). Theories I had already, like, yes you can cook a chicken with a ground radar (And I know how much you’d like to). But I could’nt pass up the occasion to buy some classic books in a local bookstore. These were on sale, but I got to pick and choose the ones I wanted instead of having a bunch packed and shipped to find out I did’nt want them in my home. Send all such as these back to whoever. These where nicely single bound complete works without modern editing and translations, of William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. These and others where stolen from my apartment August 4, 1997 at 10:30AM while I was away in the Mpls. FBI Building speaking with an Agent identifying himself as “Wallace”. When I returned the place was barren.

So again in 2004 I got a chance to get some classics the Public Library was discarding off it’s shelves, and I’m not making the mistake of looking for quality and value again. There’s alot of  hatred at classic work being found.

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