All in good time
By a mind for commemorating great insignificances in distances and velocities that recall and remind for attention or consideration those things I neither would nor could omit as of need or want, I like to present my Blog. In my way it does retain the imagery and the reputations beside the assumed but apart from my value in bolstering or detracting any other alternatives of the same idea. I hope it may be useful to somebody in my stead at some later time as reminds to bringing people together at least not for something in the event, that involves experience learned an some information past, in sum qualification or substitute exposure lead reason.

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  1. Fabulous posting bro. This important is just a tremendously nicely structured post, just the critical info I was looking just for. I praise you

    • 12/22/10

      I have’nt forgot, I’ve been keeping an eye about me during and after a recent move. I have’nt edited the page yet and there is much more to compose. Simply put, and as from anyone or anybody determining the page (those most interested in it’s form and revelations have shown and are shown today as they remain, follow up, and refabricate ellusions, allusions, end evasions for many stories to avoid formally and officially), somebodies “pray tell” such “do tell” facts liked so much better than I. It’s on their direct actions and to take no action is an action that makes this disclosure possible. It’s from their insistance in deed that this is simply no longer timely, that does not mean it is not Public knowledge from it’s initial discovery. And I decided it’s Public Property from the Lawfull American establishments involved. They determined Public Funds as always formed the maintenance of matters and affairs they implemented, so as such of their ignorance of these developements obviously they don’t think to consider their mindlessness of it. Of course I surveyed them their capabilities and formed their offensive priorities list. This is Public as been financed Publically, as been denied financing, and in displaying their manners, means, and methods of financing criminal activities revealed and as they revelled. What you put into something is what you get out of it. And how they got what they did is disclosed for you and any one who wants or needs it for any purpose. Thank you for making this possible for disclosure to the American Public.

    • Some other SUNY associates and affiliated causationists want to form another idiotic wishful construct of their many personal dreams, criminal fiends, mindless, pharmaceutically scatterbrained, just have to make demands for my attention. It was settling down in HI after rewarding their drug peddlers, criminal bums, and officed derelicts, the blank slate State was reveled fouled having nothing but their convoluted fabrications and those interdependant on Jews and niggers interests for making something from nothing all across the North American continent. I’m getting to the post, when I have determined this weeks mania expectant exemption for what was time sensitive deviant and subversive cold war criminal activities, is this decades’ child fixated anal intercourse notorious and reputation support “socializing” character malignments are referably the same as obvious to many 20 years ago, I’ll stop watching their show to identify the “roles” working, dwerkin, dworkin. Cowardly as this pathetic present is their contemptable past. The only things gone with the wind of change are their perfumes and colons aspired to prostitutes of whores from the start. Multiplicatively it’s been and remains Jews and niggers unveiled in holy commonisms’ only “concern” of a determined apprehension under American Law not popular concepts of US dogma displayed their dismay. They can tell their counsels and advocates I said their queer and their stupidity is no excuse under American Law. Did’nt they say this was Public knowledge (or was it knowledge was power?) – does that include a witness and his testimony cause you could have opted for a non-Jury Trial during any Case I Filed against you. As a demented pungent joke before the case made it to a date. Forgive me, the place and time of your trial, I hate those fuckin’ places – don’t you?

      The post will be continued, soon, AND I WILL EDIT IT. I simply have to Zzzzz…..

    • 4/28/2011

      Just for the record, my determination did’nt make room for composing the post in regard to interests of others as reviewable. I did want it to display the shows and demonstrataions the Principals from that time till now acted of their apprehension in seeing what was in store for them from my individual consideration of them. Does this enlighten you? It’s to highlight them – standing behind you. The matter still languishes. This is the form of their scatterbrained mindlessness as Officed Derelicts ommitting truth with YOUR MONEY, entertaining themselves atop this destruction with YOUR MONEY, stealing funds in commonism with street criminals having more drive from the tricks of the trade known as prostitution when you find out YOUR MONEY is being spent by them on themselves. For your appraisal and aspiration of course, it’s always been in the eye of the beholder. You know, …”We hold these truths to be self evident…”. You may have determined they hate you as much as they despise this nation by showering it with praises, they did’nt want you on their jury. Have you figured out that in what’s been done to me is nothing with how much they hate YOU, with YOUR MONEY. You think that in seeing this Post they want to get rid of me, or YOU? Revere what’s been done, I did – and I was wasted because your praise made wasting me openly a warning some individual was next. Even “their own” are aware of that. Their fugitives in flight because they either set 2 sides against each other to destroy an individual in the middle, or each each other while they stay above you walking on you. So love this post or hate it, otherwise it’s simply here, your dreamin if you think Principals like that will let it be. They will sing it, because prostitutes are a form of entertainment. Look at your politicians, not one leader. Do I get that kind of praise? Just look at the way I dress!

    • 9/8/2011


      This Site is’nt for popularismin in it’s composition, summarizing, Administrative Waste/Fraud/Abuse objectively in conjunction with Staff personnel practices subjectively implementing orders transactionally effecting daily criminal activities in a social political gutter arena for undertaking offences. The Co-Defendants Charged only objectively identified and subjectively Noticed on self exclusion from these Civil Actions have instigated obvious and Publically individualized Federal Felonies generated on their co-ordinated (yet self-descriptive Un-Civility generally world wide aware) JDl and NAACP associated protection rackets, fostering a misinformed climate. Believing, as is when defelecting from information been circulating about the streets since initially on their interests evasively and deceptively away from American Law Filed and Processed, have displayed Publicly their aforethought mindlessness in gutter level creative offences they themselves decry insubstansively yet find subcultured lesser included elements for constructing material evidence against themselves. Commonists as they call themselves after the end of the Cold War, continually following in the same subversions and cultivating corruption of American established norms. You have to believe what they tell you to see with your ears coming from their mouths. These Self-Convicted and Self-Incriminated College Educated Black-African promotive as well as Jews advancing, foreign conformant, socialist Party temptation formulating, regarding about them, on notice referably, and concerned of directions emerging insulated themselves from the from this form of disclosure. And this Blog is that. Do you still like it?

      General Tzso Chicken

  2. Hi! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

    • 9/8/2011

      I did’nt make this Blog for any other than the reasons you concluded some time after finding it. You will get or find what you set out for from the WordPress Administration, if you ask them for advice on a matter. I’m sure they can offer you more than I can on matters far from mine.

      General Tzso Chicken

  3. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for first-time blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • 9/8/2011

      Statements on not really comments on, this Blog are what I’m determining. The disclosures made here ofer a medium for displaying some indication of what the Criminals identified have done to a American Law Process against them Proceeding Civilly. From the Witness against them, you do have to have a truthful comprehension and knowledge from that on their deviate, perverted, warped knowledgable conceptualizations to see the results of that realized. I can and did comprehend I was opposite them, but it was they that developed a show in displaying themselves as my opponents contemptably from the Federal level. Criminally impositional at the State level. And belligerantly in the gutter where they’re still coming from. What you do with information is what you either grew and evolved from in your single will to live as, or were developed into for their support, appraisal, and aspiration to. I have those entries into my Blog also, the JDL on account of the College of Opto Admin/Staff in character defamations of why they were over time discovered targeting me. And the NAACP on that Public notice for continuing with it and directly inciting Public conflicts to the peace JUST as CRIMINALLY. They have one and the same front comment when they can’t continue calling American People stupid: that American individual is a nazi – racist. Did’nt CROSS THEIR COMMONIST EDUCATED BRAINS on Drugs as Prostitute theselves in the Offices of the Host, that they were 5 times identified as the gutter level, State favor seeking, Federal Court evading Federal Multi-District Felonies Co_defendants Noticed and CIVILLY, CIVILLY asked to come take part in a Case to call me to my face what they found so popularly comforting to do in the gutter. Is’nt that right Haffner, Weber, Bass, Thimmons, Dworkin, etc. Do tell your not at all enjoying this and have’nt at any specific and particular times previously. I’m strong because you do call everyone stupid. I really do stand on their doctrine for developing your beliefs. Everyone has found their beliefs misplaced going by what you said and did on this. I never asked nor presented it on your psychology beliefs in the social context of your Judeaism, from the time I opposed your UnCivil underhanded subversions in the political field. You created that and developed it to this day based on the truth of what you were from the begining, originally, and initially. In this everything you see regarding this Blog is conclusive as the overt product of those idiots.

      If you see fresh ideas, or an issues, or a display of words, show of pictures, indications, descriptions, identifications, inferances, etc., it’s all been in establishing a obvious display by them of what they are comparably, what they said since the begining, what they can do, and what you should know they can. But not all American at once, not all Americans seated at their trial, not all Americans watching their acts in the gutter, not all Americans noticing their intents in work, not all Americans in school, not all Americans in medicine, not all Americans in Police and the Army – Right? Only certain ones incidentally, like here now or then there where I was and this developed openly in front of me.

      You’ll do as you are, given space to do so, not being something that requires space for all it’s own, their kind, about them, those, and that. Developing influences of how effective you are and continuing to out do yourself. They stand out, in what they are and what they’ve done, happily on and on.

      So? What’s what’s a good hint?

      General Tzso Chicken

    • 6/16/2012

      Grab a slice.

      General Tzso

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